Want to Start Blogging?

What You Need, and Don’t Need, to Get Started

We’ve all seen them – the blogger posts with beautiful images of their home offices, exciting lives, elegant events …

But let’s be real … a blogger, influencer, digital marketer, whatever you want to name it, is hard work, and those images? They probably spent HOURS finding or creating the right one to make a perfect post that took seconds for you to view. I know I personally spent about THREE hours working on just this ONE post!

So I thought today I would share a bit of reality with you. Full disclosure, I am fairly new at all of this, and the learning curve is steep.

But take it from me, a newbie who decided to learn as I go, you don’t need fancy equipment, a breadth of knowledge, professional photographers etc. to get started.

As you’ll see when you check out this post, what you see in the final stages on my YouTube channel looks entirely different. We don’t like to show the “icky” stuff. So what DO you need?

For equipment, I use my iPhone and a ring light by NEEWER that I purchased from Amazon. That’s it. It’s not fancy, but it works. And it allows me to start now with minimum investment. As I grow, I can level up with a new camera or other equipment, but for now this is perfect.

If you have a recommendation for a great digital camera I’d love to hear it. I like to plan ahead for any upcoming purchases.

Tools you need that are FREE:

  • The drive to make it happen
  • The persistence to keep moving forward
  • The belief in what you’re doing
  • The flexibility to adapt to unexpected obstacles
  • The strength to ignore the haters

I know, that list may sound cheesy, but I promise it is absolutely TRUE! And if you’ve got those tools – you are ready my friend.

So if you’re thinking about creating an online presence, or maybe you’ve just started, go for it. Start where you are and grow from there. None of us were born knowing how to do anything. But we all have the ability to learn.

Be sure to drop your site’s URL in the comments so we can all find and support each other.

If you are a blog or social media lover, simply for your own personal enjoyment and to stay connected, give the influencers you follow some love. Share

their posts, leave an encouraging comment, lift them up. I know I appreciate it, and so will they.

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