7 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Lady Boss

These Gifts are Sure to Land You a Promotion in Her Mind

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We all know this lady. She’s a doer, a slayer, a self-starter. This is the lady that takes on a side hustle and turns it into a full-time gig. She’s her own boss. Not only is she successful, but she shares her wisdom learned along the way, and mentors others who are interested.

You know her right? Maybe she’s your friend, your mom, your spouse. We are drawn to people like this. And because of their giving nature, we are grateful and want to show her our appreciation, admiration and support.

But what in the world do you get a her? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. She’s juggling A LOT, so anything to streamline her tasks will be perfect.

The perfect gifts for a Lady Boss are gifts that will make her days easier, more streamlined.

In the spirit of giving, I have put together a collection of seven gift ideas that I use in my own business, and they have saved me time, money and my sanity – not kidding.

Okay, numbers one and four don’t really help me streamline my business, but they do help me unwind after a busy day, that counts, right? And the fact that it’s organic is an added bonus! Just light the candle, open up a Rachel Hollis book, (she’s FABULOUS! I’ve read her books and heard her speak at our conference. Highly recommend), pour the wine, and let the well-earned relaxing begin.

Numbers two and three were both recommended to me by a friend. I had never really caught on to the excitement about EarPods until she explained how great they were for moving about the house or office, and having your hands free. It’s nearly impossible to hold a cell phone between your chin and shoulder like we did with landline phones, so this is a game changer for multitasking.

The Legend Planner is another game changer. I am not an organized person. As a matter of fact, organization is one of my biggest challenges. The layout and design of this planner make it easy even for someone like me to stay on top of things. It comes in so many pretty colors, and… it comes with STICKERS! The teacher in me loves that part!

And of course, every Girl Boss needs a good ring light for her selfies and branding photos. I limped along for about a year with a small, inexpensive one until it finally just quit. So on the recommendation of another friend, who by the way is an actress, so she knows all about good lighting, I bought the Neewer 18″ ring light. I have no regrets. It’s sturdy, I can adjust the brightness, and it comes with two additional light filters, and a carrying case. It’s the perfect Lady Boss gift.

So now that you’re armed with great gift ideas for your favorite Lady Boss, recommended to you by a Lady Boss, you are all set to give your favorite Lady Boss a gift she loves!

And if YOU just happen to be a lady boss and decide to treat yourself, you’ll find no judgement here. A little self-love goes a long way. (Trust me, I’ve treated myself – so it’s a proven theory, right)?

  1. Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted™ Wine
  2. Apple Earpods
  3. The Legend Planner
  4. Because Work Stemless Wine Glass
  5. Boss Lady Candle
  6. Rachel Hollis Book Set
  7. Neewer Ring Light

Be sure to let me know what you choose and how she likes it. Or leave me a comment with your favorite Lady Boss gift ideas. I love hearing from you!

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